Risk Acceptance Waiver
Terms applicable to Surfing, SUP, Yoga and other activities with
Surf and Soul Morocco
In consideration of Surf and Soul Morocco (“S”) accepting me for surf coaching, SUP
sessions and/or a surf or yoga holiday (“Program”) I acknowledge, understand and agree to
the following conditions:



Surf and Soul Morocco wishes that the stay of each guest takes place in the best possible
conditions. In this context, a release form must be completed and signed before a guest can
participate in a surfing course and / or other activities organized by the surf camp. Surf and
Soul Morocco assumes no responsibility for the non-respect of the release form.
It is necessary to inform the Surf and Soul Morocco team, prior to the event, if the guest has
medical constraints, restrictions and / or food allergies that could affect surfing or any other
activity at the surf camp. Surf and Soul Morocco assumes no responsibility for any
undisclosed condition upon arrival at the surf camp.
In addition, Surf and Soul Morocco assumes no liability for bodily injury, loss, damage or
claims of third parties that are not attributable to its own instructors.
Surfing can be a dangerous sport, all responsibility is taken by participants, and no liability or
negligence can be brought against Surf and Soul Morocco for any injury, accident or
unforeseen circumstance.
Surf and Soul Morocco is not responsible for the security of guests’ personal belongings, and
recommends that guests take care of their items at all times.
It is necessary that the guest subscribes to a complete travel insurance during their stay in
Morocco, to be fully covered in case of accident or any other incident.



If the guest damages or loses Surf, SUP, Skate or Yoga equipment, belonging to Surf and
Soul Morocco, they must immediately inform a member of the Surf and Soul Morocco team.
Depending on the extent of the damage, Surf and Soul Morocco may request that the guest
repairs or replaces the lost or damaged item/s to the current value of the item.
In case of irreparable damage to the equipment, the guest will bear the following costs.
Soft Board (all types) = 250 euros
SUP board = 700
Fins 1 = 30 euros
Fins 2 = 110 euros
Leash = 20 euros
Yoga Mat = 35 euros



The guest agrees to respect the accommodation /apartment in which they stay.
The surf camp is a “camp” and shared apartment for the guests to use, it is not a hotel and
does not have 24-hour service.
Guests are left to have the freedom and responsibility to manage and maintain the shared
accommodation during the duration of their stay.
The shared kitchen is available for use by the guests of the camp with basic kitchen utensils
Condiments and all cooking items, oil, spices and food etc. are the guests’ responsibility if
they wish to prepare their own food.
Please do not remove any items from the surf camp – lost and damaged items will be charged.



Any cancellation or modification of the reservation of the guest must be made in writing –
prior to the stay – and may incur additional charges.
Surf and Soul Morocco will review the change request and make every effort to change the
reservation as requested, but cannot guarantee it.
To ensure your booking, 10% payment must be transferred directly to the Surf and Soul
Morocco PayPal or bank account (NB: Moroccan account).
Bookings are confirmed and guaranteed only after receipt of the deposit and the booking &
conditions form is filled out and received.
The remaining cost must be paid in cash – on arrival – in either Euros or Moroccan Dirhams.
If you are paying in Dirhams the daily exchange rate at the time of payment will be applied.
Once confirmation has been made, the deposit is non-refundable.
In case, Surf and Soul Morocco reserves the right to modify your accommodation for the
duration of your stay. Accommodation will be of equal or higher standard.
Surf and Soul Morocco is not responsible for the weather conditions. If the guest is faced with
inappropriate surfing/SUP conditions, Surf and Soul Morocco will not refund the guest.
Alternative activities will be organized in the instance of inclement weather conditions.
We understand that plans can change. Please inform us in writing (email) immediately, if you
wish to cancel your stay with us.
Please note however, deposits are non-refundable.



All guests booking a holiday with Surf and Soul Morocco must have full and comprehensive
travel insurance. Surf and Soul Morocco accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to
persons or personal property during their stay. Guests must be fully covered in case of
accident, hospitalization or another incident.



Guests must follow the instructions of the surf instructors. If the guest conceals physical
health problems, acts irresponsibly or causes disruption that endangers the provision of
service, the health of other participants, or the reputation of the company and its employees,
the guest may be excluded from the activity. In this case, the lessons are terminated for the
guest without further notice and payments are not refunded.



The guest agrees to be photographed and / or filmed during the lessons and agrees to the use
of this material for promotional or advertising purposes, such as the Surf and Soul Morocco
website and/or its social media networks (Examples: Facebook, Instagram). All personal data
will be treated confidentially and will not be transferred to a third party, other than necessary,
to provide the requested service. Surf and Soul Morocco ensures the guest can terminate this
agreement at any time in written form (email).