Discover MarRakesh


Landing or leaving from Marrakesh? Why not get a local lowdown on this amazingly vibrant city? We offer guided tours for those who want to get to know the real deal, see some secret spots and experience the city like a local.

Perfect for corporate groups, individuals, families and friends, the schedules are flexible and tailored to your information

Tour example

  • Pick up at Hotel/Riad – location dependant
  • Visit Hotels & Museums
  • Wander through lush green gardens
  • Take a refreshment break in a hidden-away cafe
  • Stroll to the boulevards of the new city, and wander the secret laneways
  • Indulge in a delicious late lunch far away from the madding crowds
  • Walk through ancient laneways of the Medina to Jemma el-Fnaa
  • Shop till you drop in the Souk (tours include local bartering assistance in the Souk)
  • Sip on a sundowner and watch the sunset over Koutoubia
  • Join us to discover hidden places, create lasting memories and experience the magic tha tis Marrakesh, without all the hassle.
  • Schedules can be tailored for day, evening or shopping.

NB: 48 hours is required for bookings and itineraries to secure a schedule and/or tour.


75per person / per day tour
  • Includes taxis, tuk tuts and a refreshment
  • Discount for groups of 5 or more (€50 per person)
  • Bespoke email itineraries are available for 25 € – incl. specified assistance with organization (payable in advance, does not include guiding)