discover oualidiA


Situated on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Morocco, the village of Oualidia is a hidden gem just waiting to be discovered.

With surf beaches surrounding it and a large tidal lagoon at its heart, there are few places in the world that can match it for its serenity, natural beauty and sheer magic.

At one end, natural oyster farms beckon with the promise of fresh ocean produce, while wild wetlands play host to a range of local bird species. Watch the flamingos bask in the beauty of a North African sunset, or take a boat trip around the lagoon, walk the cliff faces to explore the cool, dark depths of abandoned pirate caves, trek the beach by horse or quad bike, and visit the Saturday village market, just 15 minutes walk from our home. If you want to go further afield, embark on a journey to visit the souk in Safi, where you can purchase pottery, spices and leather goods. There is no end to the activities you can do to explore this out-of-the-way natural wonderland.



These beautiful Arabian horses will take you on an unforgettable ride along sandy isolated beaches and majestic seaside cliff faces. Gallop, trot, canter or walk, the pace is up to you – just remember to take your camera, the views are spectacular.



Tranquility more your speed? Jump in one of the wooden boats and take a slow, scenic tour of the lagoon. Cruise past the village of Oualidia and coast down to the world-renowned oyster farms, before turning back to come and relax on the terrace.


No waves? No worries! Hire one of our skateboards and take it out for a cruise. With its long open roads and wide-open spaces, Oualidia is the perfect place to carve it up. You’ll usually have the streets pretty much to yourself.


Tempted by the tantalising tastes and smells of Moroccan cuisine? Want to create these fragrantly spiced dishes yourself? Then you’re in the right place. Using local, organic produce – sourced fresh from the village market – you can learn to cook these colourful, culinary delights in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, under the gentle guidance of our local expert, Najat.



If it is a bit of power and adrenaline you are after, book a quad for an hour tour of the sand dunes for a morning or afternoon of action and excitement.


Oualidia is world famous for its oysters and, seeing as you are right here it would be a shame to miss out. We can organize a boat trip to a natural oyster farm overlooking the lagoon where you can eat fresh oysters straight from the ocean, or take a short stroll for a simple snack directly in front of the dunes of the beach. If that all sounds a bit too energetic for you, we will have them delivered direct to our door – think of it as the Pizza Express of Oualidia (#moroccostyle)


Safi is the ceramic centre of Morocco, and it is only a 45-minute drive away. We can organise a guided tour where you can see traditional potters creating their masterpieces, take a stroll through the souk, and stop off for a spot of lunch overlooking one of the best surf breaks in the world. It’s a great day out.